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STOP PRESS! Researchers prove that ozone gas can neutralise Covid-19!

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Multipurpose Ozonator for Drinking Water, Air Purification and more!


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Water Ozonators

Discover the health benefits of Ozonated Water

Ozonated Water is one of the most wonderful substances known to mankind. The process of ozonating water can produce two results:

1. Pure water free of bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals. Wonderful for drinking, our customers love the Multipurpose Ozonator for Drinking Water and Air Purification and if you have a spa or pool ozone cleans and protects pools and hot tubs.

2. Done properly, ozonated water can actually 'hold' ozone for a short period of time. With the proper use of a high purity, high output (medical) ozone generator, and if the ozone is bubbled through the water long enough, this ozonated water can contain significant levels of ozone bonded to the water. This ozonated water, is beyond pure. Full of ozone and oxygen, this ozonated water is used topically as a healing and antibacterial / antifungal agent, on burns, scrapes, bruises, in dentristry, surgery, and many other applications. If you drink this water, you are actually drinking 'ozone'. For the purposes of this page of information, we will call this "Medical Ozone Water".

Health Benefits of using Ozone Water at Home

1. Killing bacteria, viruses, mould and spores in water or air

2.Eliminating bad odours in the air;

3.Disinfecting fruit and vegetables from any residual chemical spray and improve shelf life;

4.Removing chemical contaminants from panels, carpets, insulation systems, paints, dyes and plastics

5.Air purification in a fridge, small room, cupboards or the car.

6.Disinfect wash cloths, tooth brushes, dentures etc

7.Got a pool or spa? The durable and effective Natural Ozone Generator for Spa Pool keeps your spa pristine by infusing the water with super charged oxygen. No more chemicals on your skin.

A Healthier You | Drinking Ozone Water

Ozone adds oxygen to the blood stream and eliminates impurities

It breaks down harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.

It purifies the blood of microorganisms by rupturing their cell walls.

It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer.

Increased oxygen to the brain heightens its function.

Single oxygen cells introduced into the immune system makes it stronger and better able to fight infections.

Drinking cold ozone water on an empty stomach regularly can detoxify your intestinal tract.01/17/2022


*****Robyn : Took care of a UTI!  01/17/2022

I had a UTI that I had treated with Cranberry juice, and it mostly worked except their was still a little burning that I could not get to go, after using this machine and drinking the water twice a day, after one day it was clear and I did not have the burning sensation anymore and it has not come back. I am very grateful to have found this machine. I am looking forward to more health benefits!

***** Nathan Scott : Quick and easy with multiple applications 01/03/2022

This makes it so easy to be consistent. We use this to make ozonated water for drinking first thing in the morning, oral hygiene and disinfecting anything from dishcloths to tooth brushes and getting pesticides off fruit and veg.


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